trans·gress [trans-gres, tranz-]

verb : go beyond the limits set by (a moral principle, standard, law, etc.).

— DERIVATIVES transgression noun transgressive adjective transgressor noun.
— ORIGIN Latin transgredi ‘step across’.


Dickson Ly grew up in a traditional family in Hong Kong before making Canada his new home. With this background he feels he holds a unique perspective on the world which combines both the pragmatic Asian outlook with the nuances of the Western society.

Throughout his schooling here, and later adopted career path, he has found an infinite capacity for working on multiple projects simultaneously. His energetic persona has also developed his creative skills, constantly providing new outlooks, and ideas to meet people's as well as his own requirements.

In 2000, while still in high school, he started a car club called TTCC (Toronto Toyota Camry Club) as part of his passion on driving and meeting people who share the same interest as him. The club grew quickly and he immediately wanted to take things to the next level. With a fellow enthusiast and club member Ratko Vidakovic he decided to make the original concept into an international car community for Toyota owners around the world. In 2001, with this in mind, TN Group Inc. was formed, and in July of 2001 was created to complete this vision. The challenge of this project with the tight timeline of events has provided him with a great developmental experience. Working with Toyota products and people in the automotive industry proved to be very insightful in many ways. In 2006, due to the overwhelming success of, and the time required to maintain it at the cutting edge of the informational highway it was sold to VerticalScope Inc, the publisher of Modified magazine. The tight-knitted car community had membership of over 100,000 in just less than 5 years time. In that period, it has become the largest online Toyota community (source). More history of TN can be found here.

In a related field, Dickson was previously working at Alliance Atlantis Communications Inc., one of the largest Canadian broadcaster and had participated in the Toronto International Film Festival for 2 consecutive years. Working with the promotional teams at Alliance & Odeon Films on numerous occasions, he has shown that he has a profound understanding of the entertainment industry.

Transgressive Media Inc. is his current project and provides the opportunity to show his perspective of the world through a variety of media outlets such as photography and advertising.


Going back to his high school days, Dickson developed more than a cursory interest in photography. When the new medium of digital photography arrived he embraced it fully. With his first camera, a one mega pixel Kodak DC210, he explored with professional graphic design programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to add to his skill set.

Dickson’s specialist area throughout his busy carrier has been the human form. Using his family heritage, and cultural background, he strives to bring a balance to every picture taken. Emphasizing the true beauty of the body, in contrast with its surroundings, or the apparel being worn. For human portraits; he believes it is important to learn his subjects in order to create strong sense of realism and honesty in his images. Some of the styles and work that have made a lasting impression on him have been; Peter Lindbergh, Mario Testino (early works), Petter Hegre and various photographers from Japanese photo books.

Now, shooting exclusively in digital format using Nikon digital SLRs, he has covered many local & international level fashion shows. As the opportunities arise he also enjoys covering action sports events, and the sensual style of exotic automobiles.
For the future he looks forward to working on many challenging projects, where the essence of his subjects and the themes involved can be captured in detail with the blink of his shutter.


We offer wide range of services that includes designing company brochures and print/web advertisements. In addition, we also provide corporate and special events coverage. If required, portrait sessions can be arranged both outdoor as well as in studio. Please click here to contact us in order for us to cater specifically to your business needs.


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